How Do I Become A Vendor?

Step 0. Run Into a Problem? Questions? Contact us Here or at Vendors@shopmagazon.com

Step 1. Sign up Vendors.Shopmagazon.com and complete your profile! (You don't have to include a banner, but you need to fill in the other areas - Note, You pick collections by adding PRODUCT TYPE, not directly)

Step 2. We will review this application and respond within 48 hours. Usually within 5.

Step 3. Complete Step A or B.

A. Once approved, the seller can start uploading their products. Please be thorough, including Images, Description, Categories and Tags.


B. Alternately you can SYNC your entire store to our marketplace instantly by using the seller sync app - This option is available for Etsy [Click Here], Woocommerce [Click Here], and Shopify [Click Here] based store fronts, (Magento can be added upon request) - It also syncs your inventory between your different sales channels - your own website should pick up orders from MAGAZON and decrease your inventory according to your settings - and keep you in "sync" to make your life easier. This may not be 100% reliable, and should be monitored - one example is addresses must be part of the product - so digital goods may not pick up - a current limitation in the software.!

Step 4. Products will be reviewed and approved if legal within 48 hours.

Step 5. Once approved, the products will be available on the Patriot Marketplace!

*Please be sure to set your products category settings to the appropriate category that corresponds with the type of product, This will allow your products to be added to the store front automatically.

To assure that your products show up on the store front, assign product type.

Please do not put products in categories/collections/product types that are unrelated to the type of product. If additional categories are needed please contact us at support@shopmagazon.com.

Step 6. Please make sure your payment details, shipping options, terms, and profile are filled in. This is your STORE FRONT! Make it inviting! Unsure where to start? Check out How to Configure your Profile

Step 7. Once you're set up and ready to go, promote your new storefront on the patriot marketplace!

(Pro Tip: Want to supercharge your results? Become an affiliate first! Then you can promote your own products on our Patriot Marketplace and also get paid when your customers shop with any of our other vendors! It's like adding a lot more inventory, without the headache and expense!


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